J. Porteous - Author

Science Fiction

The Sol Series

The Space Bastards are running out of luck and money. On the edge of civilized space, Captain Hawke Sparov is willing to do whatever it takes to earn a few credits, leading his crew into the depths of the Abyss if the money is right.

When a distress transmission offers to pay anything for a rescue from a long-dead planet, the Space Bastards leap at the chance. Little do they know how much danger their client and their mysterious cargo will land them in.

“Really great space opera, in the finest tradition.”
Amazon reviewer.


The Gamekeeper

The Gamekeeper wanders the ruins of Britain, picking a living from the carcass of the old world. He is all the company he has in this brutal world, and it is all he has ever needed. Or so he thought.

In the depths of winter, he comes across a young girl and her dead father. He decides to take her to the nearest settlement, unaware of the fire and death which is swiftly following.

“If you’re looking for a Post-Apocalyptic story that focuses on character development amid the ruins, then The Gamekeeper is the book for you.”
Amazon reviewer.
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